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No Backupset Selected to be Restored

We have researched this issue and found out the next, you can receive No Backupset Selected to be Restored because:

1) Backup is corrupted or unreadable: To confirm this, we can run below command

1RESTORE HEADERONLY FROM DISK='complete path to backup file>

If backup is corrupted, we would not be able to see the complete details in the output.

2) Restore to lower version:  You are trying to restore your database to a lower version of SQL Server. If you make a database backup on a higher version, let’s say SQL Server 2018 and then you try to restore it on SQL Server 2017, you will get this error message: No Backupset Selected to be Restored.
If a backup is taken on a higher version and restore is attempted to lower version then also we will get the same error.

  1. The backup file is unreadable or corrupted. You can simply check your database backup using the following command:

To avoid such error message in the future we recommend you to create SQL Server database backups with the help of SqlBak. SqlBak can backup your databases automatically, according to your schedule and send backups to selected destination place. Also, if the failure occurs or there is a need to restore a database, you can do it in few minutes.

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