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How to import data into D365 through Excel Add-in

If you are looking fastest way to import your data into D365 for operations then you can use the excel add-in for import record set.

Below steps will helps you to import the data.

  1. Open Microsoft Excel
  2. Click on the Insert -> See all
  3. Select Microsoft Dynamics AX and click Add

Note: if you do not see it, you need to install it using the link below

Use the link below to install Microsoft Dynamics AX add in

Once done with installing add-in follow the steps

Click Add server information link

Specify URL address to the Dynamics AX env and click OK
On the Confirm change dialog click Yes

Click on the Design and Add table link
Select data entity from the drop-down list this data entity are reflected from the your server Data management entity list.

Click Next button
Select all fields in the Available fields section and click Add button in the Selected fields section

Click Done button once you completed the field selection.
Tip: While selection of the fields you can see the star(*) mark which are mandatory and for some fields you able to see with Red mark are non editable fields of the entity.
On the opened dialog, click Yes button

Refresh data dialog

Make sure that columns are filled

Click on the Refresh button

Make sure that data for all data entities is displayed

You can add any filter you’d like by clicking on the Filter button
Click on the Add a filter field and specify the filter

Click Done
Refresh the sheet again by clicking Refresh button

for adding your own data click on the New

Insert your own data into spreadsheet and click on Publish button to reflect all entry into the entity.

Go to O365 and verify the imported data.

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