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Securing Private Addresses and Contact Information for Parties by using security roles in D365 FO

Securing the Private contact information and Private address information for parties such as Customers, Vendors, Employees, Contractors, Contacts etc. in the ERP system is a big deal and is a very crucial requirement for most organizations. Organizations often needs store these private address details and contact information about the parities and wants only a certain roles in the organization to view and manage those information in the ERP system.

You can do this in Microsoft Dynamics AX by configuring the Global Address Book Parameters and by assigning which roles can view the the private information.

When you create an address for a global address book party such as a Customer/Vendor/Worker etc., you can mark the address as Private. Similarly you can do the same for their contact information. See screenshot below.

Now under Organization Administration > Setup > Global Address Book > GAB Parameters form, you can specify/select which security roles within the organization can view this private location and contact information.

Only users assigned with these roles will be able to access Private address and contact information.

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